Pins are popular, collectible items in Club Penguin. Every two weeks, a new pin is hidden somewhere on Club Penguin Island. A player gets a pin by walking towards it and clicking 'Yes' in the dialogue box that pops up. The dialogue box says: "You've found a (pin name). Would you like to pick it up?". Then, the player can select a pin from their inventory and it will appear on the top left hand corner of their player card. Some pins, such as the Christmas Tree pin, Circus Tent pin and Yellow Balloon pin, were bought at the Fall Fair and inside special issues of The Penguin Times. To find a pin, many penguins ask, "Where is the pin?" in-game or "Where did you find that pin?" if he/she is using Ultimate Safe Chat. Some pins are themed for an event that is coming up or going on. The first pin came out in March 2006, during the St. Patricks Day Party, and it was in the form of a shamrock.

Pin list Edit

See main article, List of Pins.

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